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Ping Yi Alumni Dinner

Ping Yi Secondary School Alumni will be organizing a Gala Dinner in conjunction with the school's 25th Anniversary. This is a good chance for you to meet up and reconnect with old friends and teachers! For the pioneer batch, good news await you. Mrs Ng Gek Tiang, the first principal of Ping Yi will be present. Other teachers and principals from later batches will also grace this event.

Before the dinner, you can opt to attend the free school tour for those of you out there who have not seen the renovated building.

Optional School Tour
Registration for the tour starts at 4.30pm. Last tour departs at 5pm.

Alumni Dinner
Registration starts at 6pm. All guests to be seated by 6.20pm. Dinner starts at 6.30pm.

Pricing: $20/pax
$180/per table of 10
$5/-kid (under 12)

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Tickets are ready for sale. Each booklet consist of 10 tickets priced at $20 each ticket. You can come by anytime during school office hours to collect the tickets at the office counter. Please look for Ms Noraidah and let her know you're from the alumni collecting the tickets.

Part of the proceeds will go towards supporting our needy students' fund.

So what more are you waiting for? Come join us in this event!