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Email Interview with Jamie-Lee Frankland

You might have already seen her on national television. She was one of Channel 5's ‘Deal or No Deal’ girls and now, she’s in okto’s award-winning kids programme, R.E.M – The Next Generation, taking her role as Elle. Presenting Jamie-Lee Frankland! PYSS Alumni has caught up with her via an email interview and boy, does she have quite a lot to say while reminiscing the good old times.

What is your fondest memory about the school?
Actually almost everything, good and bad. Most of it had to do with my classmates. My classmates were a great bunch, I really miss them and the times we had. Oh god I cant remember what class I was from but Sec4 was the best! The whole year through. Even with the dreadful O levels. I wouldn't say I hated anything, every event is just really funny to look back and reflect on.

What is the worst thing you have ever done while in Ping Yi?
I remember we skipped math period in sec3(i think) and one of our classmates were going to meet us at Mcdonald's. He ran out from school and a teacher saw him and ran after him. He was a fast runner so he managed to escape from the teacher. (he got his punishment the next day) Oh ok, I never really did anything that bad(i hope). I was just a witness to such events.

Who are the teachers that you will never forget?
Ms Ng Mei Chuan - During the O levels year we spent almost everyday painting up our canvas and had her inspect us from over our shoulders. We'd get scolded if we do something wrong, attend class late, not finish our homework or even when we "forgot" to bring our materials. The result? We always brought our stuff, well tried our best to. We always rushed up to her class right before recess ends(top floor! hard work i tell you with those heavy bags) Thanks to her I managed to feel content with my final art piece. I remember once we had to paint a fruit and I had never had that fruit before, she brought one to class the next day for me to try :)

Mr Martin Chan, like Ms Ng, is really sweet yet at times when they're in their "teacher disciplinary" mode I'd get scared. Its like they have a button they can turn on and off.
Maybe those are the skills they have to possess to be an awesome teacher. An inbuilt function. Friends/ Strict teacher

There were also so many other teachers that were really nice and understanding.

What is the thing that you wish you had or had not done when you were still in Ping Yi?
Getting Mcdonald's/canadian pizza delivery to school. I wish we made it less obvious. 2 for 1 pizza! Throwing wet toilet paper onto the ceiling. I guess thats one thing you have to try in Secondary school. I felt bad after, for the auntie who had to scrape it off. Maybe participating a bit more in PE would've done me some good but in all, I dont have any regrets, all part of the secondary school experience.

Any shout outs?
HELLO! :) The students won't know me cause I've graduated a while ago but remember the time spent in secondary school is the best! Enjoy it and make the most out of it. Also if you want to skip lessons do remember you have to be a fast runner, if not stay in class.

To the auntie who scraped off my toilet paper bomb on the ceiling. Im really sorry about that,Ive never done it again since the day I saw you scraping it off.(serious note)

To Ms Ng thanks for the fruit! :) Ms Ng and Mr Chan, I mentioned you scared me, its only cause you're strict and you managed to scare students(my batch) at the right times for our own good. So its a compliment! Thanks a lot for your patience and I hope all is good :)