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Alumni Heartstrings 2008

On 19th April 2008, the Alumni Heartstrings event has brought much joy and fun in the 15 students involved and not forgetting, the alumni who went along.

First stop: Swensen's in Plaza Singapura. Some of the students had never been in Plaza Singapura, much less visited a restaurant like Swensen's. The students had a meal they never tasted before and were even treated to an ice-cream - the Giant Earthquake!

After lunch, they caught a locally produced movie "Singapore Dreaming" at Sinema Old Skool.

The students enjoyed their day with the Alumni and were grateful for what was given that day. The Alumni hopes they would continue to do well academically!

Here are some of the pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Posing for the camera before eating.

The other table - getting ready to eat the ice-cream.

Posing before eating, yet again.

Ginny Teh and Ng Mei Chuan

Some of the alumni who accompanied along.

One for the camera.

Alumni Heartstrings is an event organised by the Alumni to bring under-priviledge students for an outing. The students are specially selected based on their good behaviour and academic performance.