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Speech Day 2008

PYSS celebrated its Speech Day on the 18th April, with its theme called "Celebrate@PY". The school honoured the prize winners and partners in, what you may call, unique and captivating. With the multi-stage concept (4 stages placed in each corner of the school hall), everyone attended was continuously entertained in full turn, quite literally - with the modern dances, NCC precision drill, military band loud banging, wushu fights, the teachers band jamming, guzheng performance, and more. Quite the extraordinary!

The Alumni congratulates to the following alumni for being awarded the Friends of School Award:

June Tan
Joanne Bock
Fazli Zainudin
Erica Aallarey
Zakiyyah Banu
Nurhazimah Bte Saini
Nursyimah Bte Razak Effendi

Students awarded for their superb acadamic performance

The Ping Yi Military Band hyped up the hall

The teachers band entertaining (and surprising) the guests

The dance floor opened and students started dancing crazily

Photos courtesy of Ping Yi Secondary School (www.pyss.edu.sg)