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Making The Debut

To start off, do you know that PYSS Alumni has just been reformed a few years back? It was active back in the early 1990s but stopped due to some reason. But hey, the Alumni's back!

It's funny that not many know about its existence. Not even with a simple word-of-mouth between teachers and students. Now, with the networking sites Friendster and Facebook, we're sure we could tap on the online sphere to enhance awareness of the Alumni and gather back those who were once from Ping Yi Secondary School.

Along with this weblog, you can easily be in the know of the Alumni's latest happenings. Be sure to get involved in the activities and events organised by the Alumni - all of which will be announced in this weblog and Facebook.

One of the main things that will be informed of is our monthly meetings! Anyone can attend this meeting with the management committee and contribute to the Alumni.

If that's not good news at all, here's something better.

To facilitate flexibility for you guys who can't make it for the meetings but would still want to contribute to the Alumni, the Alumni is introducing the new ad-hoc committee scheme. With this scheme, you can now gather friends who were once from PYSS as one team. As an ad-hoc team, you can organise a gathering for your batch, an activity to help out the needy, or just about anything that is within our means. All at your desired time and venue. Just remember to contact the Alumni first. We will be glad to help you out!

If that's not anything better, well... let's just say the Alumni will think of something better.

At the meantime, do check out our current projects under the "Projects" tab.

Till the next blogpost, see you around, alumnus!

PYSS Alumni Management Team